Our Products

Give your pet an amazing coat with safe, all-natural ingredients.

Berry Clean Shampoo

Berry Clean’s unique formulation is designed to clean the dirtiest pets while creating a shiny, luxurious coat. Natural protein and raspberry extract replenish the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat.

Coconut Citrus NEEM Shampoo

NEEM Shampoo is deep cleaning and effective in relieving irritations due to flea and tick bites. Helps remove doggie odor. This high lathering shampoo cleans the dirtiest pets while creating a healthy, shiny coat. Also used as a de-greasing shampoo.

Kiwi Conditioner

Kiwi Conditioner’s advanced conditioning formula with intensified moisturizers soothes dry, sensitive skin. Rich botanical conditioners create a healthy sheen. Eliminates static and tangles, leaving the coat soft and easy to comb.

Quick Dry

Our powerful professional groomer’s dryer and complimentary hotel quality towels will ensure that your dog is ready to ride.

How often should I wash my dog?

The length of time between washes is dependent on your pet. Each is different. To help keep smells down we recommend at least every 2 weeks, but some dogs like our Lab/Dane mix get oily fast and need more frequent baths to protect against itching.

Will washing my dog too frequently dry out their skin?

This is a popular, but inaccurate wives tale. Especially when using quality shampoos which replenish and condition the skin and fur.

What is NEEM?

NEEM is an all-natural alternative to chemicals for treating Fleas and Ticks. It’s also extremely healthy for the skin, helping with irritation.

Is the wash disinfected?

Our system includes a dog safe disinfectant with each wash to ensure absolute cleanliness and safety for dogs on their spa day.