Huggably Clean

No hassle dog washing! Take the frustration out of washing your dog with the revolutionary self-serve dog washing system. In only 10 minutes you’ll have a soft, fluffy, and dry pooch who smells great. You’re sure to love petting your dog even more.

Safe & Soft

All natural tropical ingredients provide the safest wash while providing soft, healthy skin and fur. Treat your pet to a tropical spa day and you’ll both love how they feel.

Welcome To Spa Dogs!

We’re excited to offer your pet some spa-quality treatment for a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle!

• Easy self-serve spa quality dog wash.
• Premium all-natural & safe products.
• Flea & Tick Treatment (included)
• Oily Fur & Skin Treatment (included)
• Professional groomer quality drying.
• Hotel quality touch-up drying towels.
• Treats! (For your dog, not you – sorry)

No More Tub Duty

We make it easy to have a clean happy dog! No more bending over the tub, clogged drains, or wrecked bathroom after the wash. Just an easy entrance into a fabulous self-serve wash experience.

Easy, Professional, Clean

In 10 min or less, our system allows you to get a professional level clean with no hassle. We offer the best quality all-natural products to ensure that your pet is ready for adventure…or a nap on the couch.

Just Around the Corner

Located on the property of John’s Auto Spa* in Nappanee, IN, we’re just a quick stop on the way home from the lake or the dog park.  *Not owned by or affiliated with John’s Auto Spa.

Live.Love.Bark (Then Bathe)

We’re using revolutionary self-serve technology and premium all-natural products to give your pet the best bath without the frustration, dirty tubs, and clogged pipes.

This lets your dog run as far, fast, and free as you want to let them and we’ll make it easy to clean off all the fun.

Fast Clean

We utilize the latest technology in the Evolution Self Serve System. In 10 minutes you’ll have a happy, shampooed, conditioned, and a dried pooch that smells great.

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Spa Dogs Pet Wash

Spa Dogs Self-Serve Pet Wash is here at John’s Auto Spa! (Not affiliated with John’s Auto Spa)

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